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The CCS Nordic approach to sales training develops individual proficiency within sales and customer relations. Participants learn to prioritize specific tasks to enable a stronger focus in individual customers.


Customers want to talk with counselors who are knowledgeable about their problem, rather than sellers who urge them to purchase a particular solution. Therefore, it is essential to build trust-based relationships with customers, and use knowledge of complex technical products to conduct a credible dialogue that equips the customer to make those important decisions.


Through the various courses, we will cover all aspects of B2B sales work and professionalism, helping your company to increase the quantity and quality of customer networks as the customer’s experience adds value to the advice

Mads Sand Madsen


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    The course in client-centered sales provides insight into the methods and processes that are fundamental to our sales efforts. Our starting point is in personal communication to help participants develop the ability to listen and understand the customer’s needs.

    Participants are taught:

    • Identification of customer’s buying process
    • Understanding the purchasing center
    • Models for customer-centered communications
    • Active listening and questioning techniques
    • Key Pointer from systemic, relational theory
    • Game master skills
    • Structure for sales meetings
    • Proactive monitoring and building new customer relationships
    • Step by step planning, implementation, and follow-up sales meetings.


    Through the course, participants learn the framework for sales meetings, and how to take control to develop conversations in new directions through different questioning techniques. We build a systematic approach to the agreements, planning, implementation, and follow up on customer meetings.

    The course includes:

    • 2 modules of 2 days of training, a total of 4 days.
    • An initial individual conversation
    • An ongoing action learning component based on virtual follow-up (LinkedIn group of participants guided by us)



    Courses are offered in both Copenhagen and Aarhus                  19.500kr.


    The idea of having key customers is obvious, but many companies are struggling with its practical aspects.


    Through the course, participants will be able to use Agile Key Account Management to more easily identify key customers, establish a strategy, and coordinate the necessary team effort directed towards customers.

    Participants learn about:

    • Roles in Key Account work
    • Establishing teams and internal mobilization
    • Appreciative Inquiry as a working method
    • Development of customer strategies
    • Specific methods for the agile workflow
    • Strategic rationale behind the selection of key accounts
    • Agile activity in Key Account work


    It can often be heavy and awkward to handle the work with key customers, and a lot of time is spent on planning rather than customer-facing activities. Therefore, we have developed Agile Key Account Management based on the principles of agile project management, and combined it with an appreciative approach based on 4D model of Appreciative Inquiry. This makes it possible to facilitate the Key Account work and focus efforts to customer-facing activities.

    The course includes:

    • 1 day Agile Key Account Management
    • 4 x 1 hour of individual coaching
    • 1/2 day experience workshop


    Courses are offered in both Copenhagen and Aarhus                      14.250 kr.


    Through the course, participants will be able to identify business goals, select individual goals, and formulate a concrete action plan with priority activities that realizes the strategy. Additionally, they learn to maintain customer conversations and invite other players into the sale in order to create a team effort that can open new sales opportunities.

    Participants are taught:

    • Ratios in sales
    • Sales Management through pipeline
    • Portfolio Management
    • Structured customer dialogue and follow-up
    • CRM


    The course gives participants feedback on their sales management as they learn how to use dialogue with customers as an active way to build new relationships. We look at each individual participant’s personal leadership to work alongside their practical challenges. This will reprocess the specific techniques for structuring and following up on the dialogue with the customer, as well as maintain the focus on change.

    The course includes:

    • 1 day sales management
    • 3 x 1 hour of individual coaching
    • 2 x 1/2 day experience workshop


    Courses are offered in both Copenhagen and Aarhus                         19.500kr.


    The sales training in the course is based on each participant’s specific experiences and challenges involving sales and consulting within their daily work at the company.


    To the extent you wish, we enter into a dialogue with your company before, during and after the training course. We do this to support the value creation between individual learning and business objectives. This approach is part of the concept of integrated experiential learning, for which we organize all training.

    Read more about our approach and integrated experiential learning in this PDF:

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