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What we do

Our clients involve us when:


  • They are growing and need to scale their sales approach to secure core performance within a larger teams accross more geographies
  • The sales teams are not performing as expected so there is a need to review and adjust the sales approach
  • A new go-to-market strategy, aquisitions or organisational change requires implementation of a new sales approach


We assess, design and implement B2B sales approach taking point of departure in how our clients customers buy.


With digital enablement of the sales force, legacy sales development has been replaced by a more tailored approach. The sales process is sales methodology, and the way of working is embedded in the CRM system. We cover all steps in sales from defining ideal customer profiles to lead generation, MQL to SQL conversion, deal control and conversion to hand-over to implementation or customer success teams. We ensure the sales approach is collaborative and build into the CRM set-up and other available sales technologies, help define how sales leadership manage the teams through cadence, dashboards and review formats, and train the individual salespersons based on the defined sales process.


In our perspective, digital enablement of both buyers and sellers, increasing complexity in decision making, the accelerating impact of being part of a global community and the requirement for salespeople to be subject matter experts or industry experts drive this change towards a more tailored and digitally embedded sales approach. We rely on the same fundamental appreciative inquiry approach that modern Nordic organisational development is build on. Instead of advising on how to sell, we take an interest in how and why customers buy. Doing this, we seek for our clients to become as integrated in their customer’s decision-making process as possible. We believe that value is best delivered through a co-created process and that through this process our clients will be perceived as partners, and not suppliers, for their customers.

Who We Are

We are interested in getting to know your challenges. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Mads Sand Madsen



T. +45 51 15 50 49

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